Check These Numbers When You Buy A Mobility Scooter

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When you begin to shop for a mobility scooter that will help you get around with more ease, you'll likely consider the look and price of several different models. As you shop, it's important to go beyond these two factors to help you decide which scooter model will be right for you. In particular, it's useful to consider a few numbers that are easy to find whether you're shopping online or in person at a medical equipment supply store in your local area. Here are three numbers that you should consider for every scooter you assess. 

Top Speed

It's easy to determine the top speed of different mobility scooters. The top speed of scooters can vary significantly, and it's useful to consider how you plan to use the scooter. For example, if you have friends who live a short distance away and you expect that you'll often take your scooter to visit them, you'll likely appreciate being able to get there quickly. This can especially be true if there's a wide sidewalk that you can safely take, as you won't mind accelerating to a rapid pace once you get used to using the scooter.


It's also important to compare the range of different mobility scooters. The range is the distance that you can travel on the scooter before it needs to be recharged. Considering how much you will use the scooter each day will help you to determine what range is appropriate. For example, someone who will spend hours a day riding a scooter will need a model with a longer range than someone who might just use this method of transportation for a few minutes here and there. Don't hesitate to explain how you expect to use the scooter to a salesperson, who should be able to give you an idea of what range is appropriate.


The weight of the mobility scooter is also something worth considering if you plan to travel with this device. Whether you'll load it into your van by pushing it up a ramp or folding it and lifting it into the vehicle with the help of a family member, you'll want to know that you can handle the scooter's weight. Scooters can vary a lot in weight. Certain models that fold or are designed to be portable are considerably lighter than other models, which many people favor. Keep this in mind to help you choose the right scooter model for you.