Three Tips For Stepping To Guided Meditation To Aid With Pain

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Going through chronic pain is one of the most difficult parts of any day or week. Whether you have head pain in the form of headaches or aches on your body such as back pain, it is common to try to ignore the pain. Ignoring pain is not a good option, as it may not work and leave you frustrated. Ignoring pain can also cause confusion when it comes time to see a doctor, as you will not have an accurate assessment of how much pain you feel each day and when it tends to happen. If you want to do something for pain management aside from taking medicine, you can try guided meditation. Here are some steps to take when using guided meditation to aid with pain relief. 

Determine if you are visual or audible

For different people, different types of guided meditations will work best. Some people are more visual. For these people, virtual reality headsets that have amazing scenery or tell a story with sound and pictures will work best. For those who prefer meditation that is via words and sounds, a solo picture with words and sounds from the surroundings in the photograph will help them get centered. Determine which you prefer by trying different types of virtual reality meditations to determine which makes you feel best physically. 

Try the meditation as soon as you feel the pain

Some pain medications will have you on a regimen to take every certain number of hours. Others will have you take the medication as soon as you start feeling pain. You can treat virtual reality pain management in the same manner. If you tend to take your medication at a certain time, start setting aside time to do your meditations. For those who take pain medication when they feel pain, as soon as you notice the onset of the pain, you should start the virtual reality session. This may help your body associate guided meditations with less pain or pain relief, which will help your body in the long run. 

Coordinate with your doctor about virtual reality care

The one person who should know about your virtual reality care is your doctor. They may be able to get the program and necessities approved by insurance if it is helping to treat a condition that you have. Your doctor may also be able to find out more about your pain due to the virtual reality meditations that are helping with the pain relief. Share your virtual reality regimen with your doctor to help come up with an improved regimen to heal your chronic pain. 

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