How Your Elderly Relative Can Remain Independent And Safe While Their Broken Leg Heals

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If an elderly relative who lives with you was recently involved in an automobile accident and broke their leg as a result, the following tips will help them remain independent and safe when you are not at home to look after them. 

Rent Or Purchase An Electric Wheelchair

Rent or purchase an electric wheelchair from a medical supply business. If your loved one has medical insurance, part of the cost of a power chair may be covered. Allow your relative to choose the model that they prefer. The maximum speed, size of the chair, type of fabric and cushioning that covers the chair's seat and handles, and number of controls that are necessary to move the chair should all be considered before making a final decision.

An electric chair can be used indoors and outdoors and many models are lightweight and designed to be folded when not in use, making them convenient to store or transport inside of a vehicle. After purchasing a power chair, schedule a time to have it delivered to your home and assist your loved one as they practice operating it.

Install Ramps And Safety Rails

A metal or wooden ramp that leads to your home's front and back porch will provide your loved one with the option to go outdoors in their power chair. If safety rails are installed on both sides of each ramp, your family member can reach out and grab a rail if they feel like they are slipping from their chair or would like to hoist themselves upwards without putting pressure on their injured leg.

Safety ramps can also be installed indoors to make it easier for your relative to maneuver through each room and to aid them when they would like to enter or exit a shower stall or bathtub. 

Buy An Emergency Response Pendant Or Key Chain

Purchase an emergency response pendant or key chain for your relative and request that they wear the pendant around their neck or hook the key chain to a belt loop or sleeve when you are not going to be home. If an emergency were to occur, involving your relative falling while trying to get in or out of their power chair or climbing in or out of bed, your loved one can press a button to receive assistance. A response team will be notified and an ambulance will be dispatched to your house so that your relative receives medical care.