How To Make Your Mobility Scooter More Child Friendly

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If you have a mobility scooter, chances are good that you are going to be using it to visit friends and family. When you visit your family, you might be visiting homes that have children in them. This can be frustrating and stressful for a person who has a mobility scooter because they want to make sure that no children are hurt while they are using the mobility scooter to get around. Because children have a tendency of running in front of people and things without too much regard for their own safety, you are going to need to be especially careful. Here are some tips for getting your mobility scooter ready for a visit to a home with children.

1. Add Mirrors

Sometimes, when you need to maneuver your scooter to another location, you will need to first back it up in order to make room for you to turn it. This is not a problem if you are alone in your home and know where everything is and approximately how far you are from everything. It can be a problem if you are in someone else's home and that home has children that tend to run behind your scooter without noticing that it's backing up or warning you. This can lead to kids getting bumped by the scooter and maybe falling down and getting hurt if you are not careful. One way to be more careful is to have side mirrors installed on the left and right side of your scooter in order to make sure that you can easily see behind you at all times. You can purchase mirrors and have them installed at most stores that specialize in servicing mobility scooters.

2. Add Bumpers

Another great thing to add to your mobility scooter are bumpers. Bumpers are helpful because the hard or sharp edges of your mobility scooter are going to be right at the height of a child's head if he or she is sitting on the floor. If the child is not paying attention and decides to flop backwards without looking, he or she might accidentally hit his or her head on the edge of your mobility scooter and get hurt. You can avoid this by adding bumpers to your scooter that will protect the edges and make them softer so that a child who hits his or her head does not get hurt.

For more information about adding mirrors or bumpers, talk to a company that specializes in mobility scooters, such as Action Health Care.