Hearing Aids for Children: Finding the Right Solution for Your Child's Hearing Loss

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While hearing loss in children is uncommon, about 4 in every 1,000 kids in Canada will be born with some hearing impairment or have early progressive childhood hearing loss. Some of these cases involve a genetic disorder that also causes hearing loss, while other causes include infections, head trauma, or degenerative nerve syndromes.

Regardless of what caused your child's hearing loss, there are many options available to enhance their ability to hear. 

Why Hearing Aids are Important for Kids

Because children develop much of their language abilities through hearing spoken language, anything that reduces their hearing can also affect speech. The sooner they can be fitted with a hearing aid, the less of an impact this hearing issue will have on their ability to communicate.

You may be able to identify hearing loss early in your child as you notice little or no response to hearing their name, being spoken to, or loud noises. Talk to your pediatrician about having regular hearing exams done and bring up any signs that there may be a lack of hearing or speech immediately.

Types of Hearing Aids

Newer technologies have helped make better, smaller, and more effective hearing aids. It's very unlikely that any type of hearing aid will keep your child from their regular activities. Some types on the market are better suited to kids, though, including these:

Other types of hearing aids can take the form of implants. Talk to a doctor for more information on whether your child is a candidate for a more permanent type of hearing help. You might also consider contacting a representative from a company like Bentley Hearing Services for further information.